Notice of Closure

The Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium was closed on November 30, 2023.
The facility will be relocated to the Ariake area, and is scheduled to open in October 2024.
For inquiries, please contact: Tokyo Sports Wellness Village(In Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.)



Our one of a kind facility offers all weather 60 meter track and a prosthetic development laboratory, allowing everyone to experience the joy of running.

All Weather 60mTrack


Mondo Super X is used for all six lanes to provide a world class, Olympic experience to all runners at the Shin-toyosu Running Stadium All Weather Track. This track is used by TRAC students to learn how to run and available to all individual athletes. (fees apply)

Running Station

Running Station

Stadium Running Station provides universally designed wheelchair accessible shower rooms with mist sauna and toilets. Lockers are also available for all runners whether you are training inside or enjoying a leisurely jog outside of the stadium. (fees apply)



Standing next to the 60 meter track is the prosthetic development laboratory produced by Xiborg to analyze data and produce prosthetic. As Xiborg Lab continues to research and develop through sports and technology, they hope to produce a world with “happiness to move for all” from this Running Stadium.