Notice of Closure

The Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium was closed on November 30, 2023.
The facility will be relocated to the Ariake area, and is scheduled to open in October 2024.
For inquiries, please contact: Tokyo Sports Wellness Village(In Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.)



Message from our Director

Director Dai Tamesue

“To produce a joyful scene by expressing ourselves with the strength of community and technology.”

Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium was built under this concept.

Legacy of 2020 should not be about age, gender, or disabilities, but to leave a scenery where everyone enjoys arts and sports with no barriers.

Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium was produced by those who believe in this concept.

I hope Shin-toyosu will be the place to show you a glimpse of the future, a scene filled with joy without barriers.

Director Dai Tamesue

Facility Name

Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium was named by the facility naming rights holder Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.

As Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. marked their 120th anniversary on October 1st 2016, the company became official partners with NPO JPSA (Japanese Para-Sports Association) as part of corporate social responsibility efforts from August 2015. Over the years Tokyo Tatemono has provided multiple condominiums in the Tokyo Bay area, including Toyosu under the brand name “Brillia”. Tokyo Tatemono believes in the foundation of this facility, “to not only support but also bring joy and togetherness by overcoming any barriers between all people”. With hope to strengthen the community through sports in the Tokyo Bay area, Tokyo Tatemono obtained the naming rights for this facility and gave its name “Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium” as part of their 120th anniversary project.

Facility Overview


This facility is the first in Japan to use ETFE film* as one of the main material. The 108 meters long, 8.5 meters high tunnel is formed by laminated larch frame connected in arch form. This facility has been elected as “Sustainable Architecture Project” by the Minstry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism who aims for low carbon city development.

6-4-3 Toyosu Higashi Tokyo
・Site Area:
・Building Area:
・Facility Component:
Indoor 60m track, laboratory, shower rooms, locker rooms, lockers, etc.
Single story building composed of wooden roof+(S)beams+(RC)columns. ETFE flim* material is used for the first time in Japan to form the arch shaped roof.
Yukiharu Takematsu & E.P.A
(Established 1991. First in Japan to develop fire-resisting materials for large scale commercial buildings in 2009. Founded NOCTER (Non-combustible Technology Research & Development Association) in 2015 and continues to promote wooden structure development in cities.
・Building Construction:
Taiyo Kogyo Corporation

*ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) film
This facility is the first in Japan to use ETFE film as a main material that has been seen in recent sports facilities around the world. ETFE film is durable, highly transparent and very lightweight in comparison to glass structures (average thickness: 250μ weight: 440g/m2). ETFE is considered the material of choice to provide spacious environment for athletes.


SPORTxART* is the theme of Shin-toyosu community engagement. By using the positive Shin-toyosu environment as a stage to develop the community from body and heart, it aims to produce a sports community to all, by combining design, technology, environmental awareness and culture of life as art.

*SPORTxART is part of the “TOYOSU22” project promoted by Tokyo Gas Site Development Co Ltd.

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